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What's in a name?  Here's the story behind  


Have you ever been annoyingly sick?  I’m not talking the dramatic sick - like head in a bucket or man-flu. That’s Armageddon kind of stuff - we all know the world’s ending at that stage and it’s every person for themselves.  I’m talking the niggling type of sick.  The one that doesn’t floor you, but makes you slow, sluggish and agree to adding pineapple on pizza.  The type of sick that keeps you from functioning at your best.  

So - have you ever recovered from that sluggish pineapple sickness?  Often, you need a full system detox.  Pump yourself up with vitamin C (liquid, chewable, effervescent, straight from the fruit) and then nurture yourself with a nice warm soul-thawing hug from the inside. 

 That’s Lemon&Gingr.


And right now, you are reading this because your business operations are probably lethargic, weighed down, and in dire need of a system detox.


What We Do

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At Lemon&Gingr, we are shameless process aficionados. 

We think a well-designed process, especially one that is automated, is sexy. Processes don’t get you pumped?  They don’t need to - you just need Lemon&Gingr.  We are business driven and results focused and we get there by aligning processes with desired business outcomes, drawing out efficiencies and identifying areas to reduce costs.  

Working with Lemon&Gingr will take your business through the optimization journey via process discovery, documentation, integration, and automation. We evaluate business needs, assess the state of disparate ecosystems and identify areas for integration.




Have you met Winnie?

Not all "professionals" are created equal.  Some work damn hard to be the best.  The pedigree of our team sets us apart and gets you results.


Winnie, the mastermind behind L&G is not only reliable and forward thinking, but she is a true go-getter and an absolute problem solver. She is your strategic partner and your right-hand wing-woman. And the best bit? A generous dose of fun is always included!


 - Anita Siek, Wordfetti


How Can We Help You?


Here at Lemon&Gingr we're more than just your basic virtual assistants, Lemon&Gingr are the A-Team in establishing your business from office administration and online program management and digital content creation and project management.

If you are looking for a cheap solution to a single task, then we are not for you.  If you need someone to trust with your business, your brand, and your clients, then you are the right client for us.