About Us!


 Who is Lemon&Gingr?

We are a mixed bag of nuts (great for brain power) here at Lemon&Gingr. Our backgrounds cover a wide spectrum from legal & consulting to publishing and media production. What we all have in common is a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail and a love for clear concise messaging - and an unhealthy insistence on proper grammar. 

You can't do it alone.

And the truth is, all of the people whom you consider successful aren't doing it alone either. They have an all-star team behind them full of people with specific skill sets who are helping them run and grow their businesses.

We’re the hustle, you’re the heart.  


Winnie Elbl

 Owner + Business Accelerator

Winnie has the letters LLB & B.Comm after her name.  In the scheme of things, they represent little more than a means to landing a competitive role in banking and finance litigation, where she launched her career. She had no trouble swimming with the sharks, but over time found the inherent gun ‘em down, drag ‘em out  litigation landscape soul taxing. She made the move to a major consulting firm as an internal risk advisor and project manager and found a new title; all hail, the Queen of Spreadsheets. Here she became expert at managing more emails than should be legal, without losing sight of the humans behind the numbers. With vast and varied stakeholders from outside and within the company, she was responsible for coordinating people on every level; from the mailroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between. It was here that Winnie also leant the value of tech literacy and its power in dissolving geographical barriers to work. In this vein, she pushed the boundaries of flexible working arrangements, and so became a pro at coordinating digital skill.

It became clear to her that responsiveness trumped visibility; with digital being the new world order, having the right people was infinitely more important than having people in a specific physical location. Armed with this knowledge as well as significant prowess in building teams with the right talent (having implemented, mastered and put her own signature flair on it), she left the corporate world and established Lemon&Gingr.  Now, she shares her complete distaste for manual labour and sluggish processes, coupled with formidable project management skills and impressive personal recommendations with a world of startups and individuals - bringing them together to turn idling ideas or plateauing projects, processes, and systems into outstanding business.

Work with her alone or go on to work with her team - remember, the vision is only as a good as the team, and a team of brilliant people is hard to find. Unless you're Winnie.

With a well-structured program, Lemon&Gingr have the flexibility can step in, and step out, supporting your business in areas that you determine are a priority. Optimising your business productivity with Lemon&Gingr will not slow your operations. 


Why Choose Us?

We take out the grind,
so you’ve got time to grow.

You started your business to pursue your passions full time, but along the way you've discovered the business related tasks piling up on your to-do list and that's totally not your thing.

You realize that in order to grow, there are things you need someone else to handle. 

That's where Lemon&Gingr comes in!


Ready to Get Back to Doing The Things You Love?