DIY vs Expert - how do you know when to delegate?

Recently, I came across a post in a women’s networking Facebook group that went something like this:

"I have a business idea - I love it.  People tell me how great it is.  Except this one person. She says it's illegal.  What do I do?  How do I know? How do I find out?  I just don't know who to turn to for legal support."

Ummm ... how about a motherf*ing lawyer????

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How to Master the Art of the Pitch

So, what do you do?” It’s a question that inevitably comes up within the first few minutes of meeting someone new. For some, the answer is relatively simple. For example: “Oh, I’m a real estate agent/dentist/shop assistant/lawyer.”

Most people are familiar with those professions and will ask a few more polite questions about the company you work for, before moving on. But for those of us who are blazing our own trail and doing something a little different, it can be more difficult to put into words. 

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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing

We all know that one ladyboss who just seems to have her sh*t together. Her business is booming, her home is immaculate, her kids are perfectly dressed and well-behaved and she always looks like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Meanwhile, you’re rocking trackies and a topknot, are surrounded by at least 3 half-finished coffees and your kids are throwing lego blocks at you. And hey, there ain’t no shame in that game! That’s what life tends to look like when you’re juggling million different things at once.

But what is that lady’s deal, exactly?

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Psst...Over Here...We Have Something Very Cool to Share!

Every now and then we stumble across a sweet techy-something here at Lemon&Gingr that makes us do a little dance in our efficiency pants. The Save Emails add on is the latest and it’s just too good to keep to ourselves.

Do you have a Gmail address for your business yet? If you don’t – get one! And if you haven’t heard about the Save Emails add on then this is one for you to bookmark! Make yourself a cuppa, sit down somewhere comfy and let us tell you why.

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So You Want to Start Your Own Business?Here's 4 Things You'll Need

So, you’ve got this kick-ass business idea. You know it’s ace. You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re like a 13-year-old with a crush on a cute boy — it gives you that same ‘butterflies in the tummy’ feeling. But instead of daydreaming in maths class, you find yourself shuffling papers around to look busy at your day job. And instead of doodling your crush’s name, you’re writing up draft proposals at odd hours of the night.

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Cheap is Not What You're Looking For...

When you’re first setting up your own business, you come across so many different tasks you didn’t anticipate. “Do I need a logo or can I just have my biz name?! And what’s copy and what’s a landing page? And crap, the only people who have liked my company Facebook page are my mum and her bingo friends!” While you might try to do everything yourself to begin with, it soon becomes apparent that it’s mission impossible. Unless you are allergic to sleep.  

So, you decide to try that ‘outsourcing’ thing that everybody has been raving about. But because your business is only in foetus stage, your budget is less ‘baller’ and more ‘buy yourself something nice at the corner store.’

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5 Simple Ways to Maximise Your Productivity & Just Get Sh*t Done

You pull yourself out of bed at  6am, determined to get ahead of the day before it begins. You make yourself a caffeinated elixir, convinced it will pull you out of your zombie-esque state. In front of your computer, you groan at your inbox - somehow, it's already backed up with emails.  “Does nobody sleep these days?”, you rage.

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Two Words That Do Nothing For Your Sense of Self-Worth & Self-Value

I had a milestone birthday not too long ago.  And with it came the unsurprising, and seemingly requisite, existential crisis.  Where am I going? What am I doing?  Who am I?  I have loose answers to those questions, but for me that final question called my values and my value into question.

What is your value?  My husband has asked me that question to support me (the poor dear) many times. Three times out of five, I will respond with “I don’t know” and not too long after, bawl my eyes out with emotions ranging from distress to despair.  

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So You've Received a Complaint? Here's 5 Steps You Absolutely Need to Take.

There’s no two ways about it — running your own business is damn hard work. Between the early mornings, late nights and complete lack of weekends, you can sometimes lose track of why you’re doing it. Then, you get a message from a customer telling you they love your product — that it put a smile on their face or simply made their life easier. Suddenly, you remember exactly why you’re doing it and it reignites your motivation.

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Why Contracts Are Not a Scary Thing...

So, I need to talk to you about your contracts.  Ugh, boring… I know.  But hear me out.  I’m not going to talk you through the fundamental principles of contracting (you know the ones - offer, acceptance and consideration) or preach about the fine print.  I am going to explain why a clear and simple contract is a critical tool for your business and why no business at any stage - from conception to grown - should be without one.

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