Psst...Over Here...We Have Something Very Cool to Share!

Every now and then we stumble across a sweet techy-something here at Lemon&Gingr that makes us do a little dance in our efficiency pants. The Save Emails add on is the latest and it’s just too good to keep to ourselves.

Do you have a Gmail address for your business yet? If you don’t – get one! And if you haven’t heard about the Save Emails add on then this is one for you to bookmark! Make yourself a cuppa, sit down somewhere comfy and let us tell you why.

Basically, it’s a Gmail Archiving add-on and it helps you to store emails, in a user-friendly format, in Google Drive and Team Drive. So, not only are these emails stored for you for later, in an easily accessible and printable format, they are also available for you to share with other relevant people on your Team Drive!

Have you ever tried to save and print an email thread in a logical and coherent order? It’s tricky and fiddly and let’s be honest – frustrating.  Save Emails is a great solution to alleviating the stress. It has been used by legal professionals to assist them in printing emails for litigation purposes, teacher’s for downloading student assignments and even archiving Paypal receipts for tax time. So – no more printing your digital receipts for your bookkeeper, just simply download Save Emails and create a Team Driver to share the relevant documents.

The concept is very basic. You just need to download the add-on and use the wizard, which allows you to create rules, based on the types of emails you receive. The rule as you set it up will allow Gmail to auto-save your emails, in the printable file type to the relevant folder, without you needing to lift a finger. Kind-of like having your own email manager!

A few cool things that it does:

It allows you to apply ‘rules’ to historical emails:

This means not only can it direct all of your future emails to the right place it can even clean up the mess in your inbox that you already have.

You can customise the way that the emails are saved:

This makes them easier for you to navigate. For example, you can ask the program to save certain emails by [Last Name], [First Name], [Date received]. Which means you can have your emails logically and sensibly ordered for you to retrieve with ease when and if you need them. Plus, if you are sharing your files with other people, it will make it easier for them to be able to find the information they need.

You have the choice to upgrade your add-on to premium:

While the free version will definitely rock your socks off, there are also some pretty amazing features available in the premium version (and it has a free trial!). Some of these features include:

  • The ability for email attachments to be renamed, to a set rule.
  • Setting up a customisable format for dates displayed in your documents.
  • Allow or ban the download of specific file types, to prevent things you don’t wish to have downloaded from getting through.
  • Overwriting existing Google Drive files, which can prevent having duplicates.
  • The option to have the ad-on work automatically once every 15 minutes, instead of once every hour.

Of course, the list is greater than this – but this gives you an idea of some of the benefits.

So, I think it’s pretty clear we’re smitten. It’s such a fantastic way to get that inbox under control and we highly recommend you have a look into it. Love the idea of using it to clean up your inbox, but are a little strapped for time to do it yourself? Well we can step in and help out with that. We know what we’re good at here at Lemon&Gingr so we are happy to brag that organising your inbox would kind of be our jam. Shock horror – we’d actually enjoy it! Just pop over to our Services Page and see what we can do for you.