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Lemon & Gingr (L&G) are for the goal-kickers who are serious about taking their business to new levels and heights. Winnie, the mastermind behind L&G is not only reliable and forward thinking, but she is a true go-getter and an absolute problem solver. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Winnie on a number of projects and she truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She has an eagle eye when it comes to detail, and she looks after your business, as though it was her own. I wouldn't think twice about recommending Winnie to entrepreneurs, start-ups or business owners who are looking to outsource (but to the right hands) the back-end of their business. Winnie isn't your conventional VA, she is your strategic partner and your right-hand wing-woman. And the best bit? A generous dose of fun is always included!

 - Anita Chi, Wordfetti group


Before engaging Winnie, I found myself grinding away at my business at all hours of the day (and weekends!) working on time-consuming, but important, tasks. Being able to outsource these tasks to Winnie and the team at Lemon&Gingr has freed me up to work on other things that are a more valuable use of my time. Most importantly though, with Winnie’s professional background, work is always completed at an impeccable standard and with an impressive attention to detail.I see Winnie as more than just a VA – she is an extension of my team and we have a great working relationship. I am often calling on her just to bounce ideas off someone, and she even holds me accountable which I love! I’d highly recommend Winnie to anyone who wants to manage their time more effectively and grow their business. I have totally outsourced any aspects of my business that can be managed by Winnie, and would encourage others to do the same.

 -Marianne Marchesi, legalite

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Winnie is a force to be reckoned with and lends her brilliance to everything she does. I have worked on a number of projects with her and her business insights and creative passion make my job so much easier. Not only is she backed with all the credentials and experience you could ever ask for, she's got fantastic instincts and I've not yet witnessed her do anything "half-way". One of the few people I trust completely to manage and bring client projects to life, I would recommend her to anyone looking to put their business into safe and savvy hands and take things to the next level.

 - Georgia Duke, missocial co


Before hiring Winnie I was feeling lost, not knowing what I needed help with let alone what to ask for. Because I was doing it all I didn’t have any time to really hone in on what I was trying to put out in the world. This confusion only confused prospective clients. Once I hired Winnie, everything changed. She took everything that was inside my head and put it into visual form. AND she does it in a much more beautiful way. It is so freeing to be able to fully focus on growing my business and I would recommend Winnie to anyone who needs an online presence.

 - Elizabeth De Moraes, your inner celebrity coach

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I had reached a critical point in my yoga business where I had no time to build a website and integrate all the payment and bookings systems myself. My slow wifi, lack of time and knowledge of how to do it was a real concern for me as I was on a deadline to establish my new business and get bookings completed. I was referred to Winnie and have never looked back! We have a consultation call to establish my requirements and then I handed all the content over to be worked on. Despite being on the other side of the world it meant we were always in touch online. I am delighted with the final website and the level of service and quality of work provided. The concept of having someone create the final product and have me oversee it whilst I work on what I really love doing, which is Yoga teaching, meant I could relax knowing that the work will be done to a high standard and I could focus on my real passion knowing it was all in hand. I am looking forward to working together going forward on other social media and marketing campaigns.

 - Lara Darby, lara darby yoga

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