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Business productivity optimization starts with a process discovery and a current-state assessment.

We breaking down your existing business processes into steps and identify areas that would benefit from a more streamlined approach. We leverage the analytics from your reports (and if you have none, well that’s the first area we tackle) and show you where you can gain efficiencies, improve compliance and enhance decision-making within your organisation.

At the end of our discovery process, you will receive a 3-page report (because honestly, you don’t have time to read more than that) that:

  • outlines your current business strategy and processes
  • highlights strengths in your business processes
  • identifies areas of concern where you would benefit in addressing any gaps and weaknesses 

This report will enable you to see at a glance, areas in your business that are letting the team down and holding back growth.  You can assess your business needs and prioritize which problems areas require primary attention.  It is open to you to direct your resources to address those issues or you can go on to engage Lemon&Gingr to implement the optimization strategies.

 There are two ways To engage Lemon&Gingr:

monthly retainer or on individualized projects. In both arrangements, the implementation process is the same:

  • Document the agreed strategy and roadmap to implement the desired business process, including key milestones and necessary stakeholder engagement.
  • Work alongside the designated business contact to implement the agreed strategy and document process implementation.
  • undertake a complete handover of the business process to designated business contact including design document outlining process workflow and chain of communication and authority.

Again, Lemon&Gingr’s involvement is fully flexible with an ability to step in and step out interchangeably with your own team. 


"I’d highly recommend Lemon&Gingr to anyone who wants to manage their time more effectively and grow their business. I have totally outsourced any aspects of my business that can be managed by Winnie, and would encourage others to do the same."


Marianne Marchesi


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