The Launch Pad

Are you fighting fatigue and overwhelm in your business? 

Are your interactions with your leads and your clients a little clunky and are time heavy?

Are you the heart of your business, but spend most of your time in the administrative trenches?  

Have you got your fingers in 7 different pots and you're not really feeling any traction in your business?

Are you tired of strategising and you just want to get it done?

Are you looking around and watching everyone succeed and you just don't know what they are doing differently?

Young businesses and struggling businesses have either one or the other. 

They either talk and talk and talk and talk, but don't do OR they get out there and stick their fingers in as many pots as possible without a slither of focus on what they are trying to achieve and as a impact.


The Launch Pad

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isn't just a noun, it's a verb. 

We'll help launch your campaign by working with you to define your focus and then we'll actually go and get it done for you.  That's strategy AND implementation. 

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Let us know when
you’re ready to press GO.



is fueled by problem-solving prowess, but before we eliminate problems, we have to get to know them.

Our professional launch pad sessions uncover the pesky quirks and peccadilloes that are standing between you and real success and actually do something about them. Winnie devotes individualised attention to each client in order to deep dive into exactly what needs to be done to transform your business. From here, she doesn’t coach, counsel or console; she deploys a team to take action to address issues on the ground and implement measured remedies.

The launch pad kicks off new client work and is a powerful partner to your business coaching sessions. This is the place where all the talk becomes action; a little less conversation and a whole lot more leg work. Winnie is expert in taking what is only a vision and handing you the steps and team to actually make it happen. It’s about providing more than a sounding board for your ideas; instead Winnie creates dynamic, goal oriented strategy and sets your project in motion with the right team for your project.

This is where is all begins in a practical, rather than hypothetical way.  



What is the Launch Pad?

Well, put simply, it is strategy and implementation

We sit down and talk about what you want to achieve in your business, hone in on a core initiative and then, we go and make it happen.  None of this "giving you the tools that you need" stuff - we go and do it for you. Here's the breakdown:

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2 x Business Strategy Sessions:

One session to define your goals and strategise campaigns and then a second business session to follow up on decision making and/or project progress!

(usual price $349 per session)

15 Hours of Work:

15 hours of time from the A-team of business assistants; copywriters, web developers, business infrastructure wizards and all around virtual business rock stars.

(usual price $749)


What do you get at the end of it?

Your business strategy playing out in real life and making the impact your desired. Too hard to image?  

Here are some things that we worked on for our clients with the Launch Pad:

  • Sales page for new service offering
  • Sales funnels for a new product (4 email sequence in client platform)
  • Opt-in content creation plus accessibility via website 
  • Business platform integration for service provider (calendar, payment, booking platform, CRM)
  • FB Ad campaign (including split a/b testing)
  • Basic web design and FB group establishment
  • Branding and logo design, plus multi-platform branded template set up
  • Online course set up (including student on boarding process)
  • Online course content creation
  • Multi-day webinar production, set up and email distribution
  • Online publications design and development

Ok, so I ran out of breath...

We do more.



How much would you pay for done-for-you business implementation?

All you need to do is show me the heart of your business - I'll bring the hustle. I want to bring value to your business and see it thrive, so words like cost and margin don't come into play for me.  I will take the time to get to know you and get to know your business and when we sit down to work out your highest impact campaign, I am already invested in your business.  

So stop waiting for the perfect time for everything.  

Stop making excuses about why you can't.  

Because you have me and my team now - so you can.


What's the investment?


$1,150 USD

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Ready to save time?